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Turmeric is useful to treat liver conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and jaundice, for the treatment of skin cancer and also help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis because of its ability to reduce pain and disability. Dr. Nisha Rani D, Department of Botany and Biotechnology

Veg. Gardens  

A role model in Terrace gardening for people of Bhopal

Farming or terrace gardening is not just meant for farmers or any particular group. Any body from any walks of life can do that. It becomes handy for any one who is interested in it. It is enough to have some dedication and interest. That’s it. ...

Bitter Snake Gourd

Bitter Snake Gourd

Bitter snake gourds were plenty until few years ago. It was generally found in forests and in hills. As the name says this snake gourd tastes slightly bitter. Unlike our normal snake gourd there are few differences for this plant. Fruits are round shaped and shorter...

Organic Fertilizers  

Amrut Jal

We all know the consequences of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It creates serious health problems to human being. Therefore number researches are going on in fertilizing plants with organic matters. Many organizations including private and government supporte...

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New Harvest

Organic Amla( Gooseberry), Organic Drumstick For Sale

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Rain Water Harvesting

Save water so that our children can get pure water to drink. Harvest and recharge to save water. You will be saving our planet too....


Giant Granadilla

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Cocopeat Pellet
50 x 10 mm

Fresh Harvest

Paddy rice